Richard Bingham, M.D.



Who is Richard Bingham, M.D.?  (That's a good question!)

I am a physician, with an M.D., who specialized in psychiatry and then pediatric psychiatry (often referred to as Child & Adolescent Psychiatry; in the same way other physicians might specialize in surgery for example).  Would you like to learn more about the background and work of pediatric psychiatrists?  I am Board Certified in both pediatric psychiatry and general or adult psychiatry.  More detail than you may want can be found in my resume or Curriculum VitaeI am a member in good standing of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, the Oregon Council for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, a member of the Marion & Polk County Medical Society, and on the staff of Salem Hospital.  Later I will include links to these websites showing my professional listing (so you may feel confident that I am who I say).  I have worked as a physician in Salem, Oregon for over eight years.  Up until the summer of 2004 I held a half-time position at Salem Hospital as the Medical Director for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.  I left that position after helping to successfully establish and grow the Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Day Hospital program which had been the central reason I had been recruited into that position.  Previous to that position I was on the faculty of the School of Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Colorado.  I have been in my current office space just since October 2004.

On the personal side, my roots are in Colorado and Vermont.  I have lived in Salem, Oregon for eight years.  I have three children who keep me very busy and young (I hope).  My wife, as you probably have learned shares this website and our office suite; for information about her work as a clinical psychologist see Dr. Julie.