Richard Bingham, M.D.




I am happy to see your child or adolescent for an assessment ("evaluation").  As you may have discovered, getting in to see a child psychiatrist can be very difficult.  In an effort to address this problem, I offer two different kinds of evaluations from which you may choose.

Some parents are unsure of whether to do the Rapid, and go ahead and schedule the Standard, but then complete the Packet early and have their appointment moved earlier.  Please note that neither of these services is guaranteed to include continuing care.  And, even when I offer continuing care, I am not able to currently offer the weekly psychotherapy.  Sorry not to be able to do more.  Note also that there is a $55 charge for the New Patient Packet costs (not covered by insurance).  Please remember, these arrangements are all an attempt to address the limited number of child psychiatrists in our state.

If I contract with your insurance company as a "network" medical provider, then we may proceed with scheduling.  If I am not a contracted "provider" for your insurance, then there will be another twist (sorry, insurance below). 

Next steps:

  1. Check if I contract with your insurance.

  2. Compare and Choose the Rapid vs. Standard Assessment.

  3. Print, complete and mail or fax the Agreement and Brief Initial Questionnaire.

  4. Complete the New Patient Packet and Process.