Richard Bingham, M.D.




Insurance Companies I Contract With:

If your insurer is one with which I do not contract, e.g., OHP (Medicaid), Cigna, Aetna, PacifiCare (PBH), United Health Care (UBH), or others, then see below.


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If I don't contract with your insurer please consider this: It is common for me to work with families who have health insurance through companies with which I am not a contracted provider (i.e. I'm "out of network")---so this might work just fine for you too.  In my experience parents usually find this satisfactory if they are prepared to manage the cash flow issue (you pay me and then wait a few weeks to months to be reimbursed by your insurer) and to manage the task of working directly with the insurer (sometimes a hassle).  I encourage you to call your insurer to clarify the steps involved.  They may suggest that they contact me for a "single case agreement," but please explain that I am not doing single case agreements (sorry, they've just been more work than they are worth).


If you decide to go ahead in this way, then I do require payment for the first session in advance of scheduling.  Mail me a check for that charge of $290 along with the signed Agreement and Brief Initial Questionnaire.


A tip: Clarify with your insurer whether you will be reimbursed at the in- or out-of-network rate (the former is higher, so better for you).  If they say out-of-network, then ask for the name of a child psychiatrist who is within 30" of Salem.  If they provide a name, then consider calling that person, and if not, this provides you with a reasonable basis to ask (argue?) for the "in-network rate" (since they have not arranged and contracted for the necessary providers in your area).