Dr. Rick's Pager: 503-566-6027

Do not use email or voicemail for emergencies, please.  Call the pager now.  Be sure to enter a return phone number at the beep.  If you're not sure, try it again, that's not a problem.  

Remember, I do not currently have guaranteed 24 hrs/7-days-a-week pager coverage (here's why).  If you need a reply in less than one hour, or if your situation is dangerous in any way, you should call 911 now

If you can wait one hour and it is clearly safe to do so, you may wait to see if the pager brings a return call.  If I've just started a session with a patient, it could be that long before I'm able to call back (obviously, on average it would be less than that).   If I've just started a neuropsychological evaluation, I can be tied for up to five hours; but I will take a break and return a page.  If I'm out of town, the voicemail message will indicate so and provide more instruction, if necessary (if I am out of state, I have to use my cell phone for emergencies). 

If you need help, go to the Emergency Room (if it is safe to do so) or dial 9-1-1.