Richard Bingham, M.D.




Welcome.  All of the practice information on this site is summarized in the table below, but you may want to start with one of the bulleted links immediately below.  You might also wish to learn more about Dr. Rick Bingham.

Contact Information:     528 Cottage Street NE, #1D

                                    Salem, Oregon 97301


                                    voice: 503-584-9922

                                    fax:     503-584-0303


Unlinked items in the table are still under construction.


Practice Logistics Services Money Matters For Ongoing Patients
Emergencies New Patients Payment options Things you must know
Contact (see above) Taking New Patients? Insurance For patients continuing care
Location What kinds of services?   Check your insurance
On-Call Style   Send information in advance
Privacy     Confidentiality 
Computer Security
Step-by-step before you come in    
Email      Forms Just plain education    

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