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Richard Bingham, M.D.

Basis of Charges and Per-Minute Approach

How is the ($175/hr - Dr. Rick; $125/hr - Dr. Julie) charge determined? 

Our accountant charges $150/hr and does not have to pay for medical malpractice.  Most Salem attorneys charge $150-200 per hour.  We are each similarly specialized, experienced professionals.  I guess that ought to explain itself right there, although many people are not used to the idea of paying directly for Psychological services. 

Note that some insurance companies are basically paying well over $200/hr for some things, when you work it out.  We've lowered the rates as far as we can without beginning to feel as though we're being stupid about the business side of things.  One of the goals is to bring a 5-10 minute use of my decision-making within the range of a typical insurance co-pay. 

Why is there a per minute approach?

First, because this may actually allow me to lower the cost of your care; or at least make you fully in charge of how much you're going to spend.

Secondly, because we're all human.  Patients figure out that coming into my office, under typical insurance plans especially, costs them money as well as time and hassle.  Why do that if you can get what you need over the phone, and pay nothing?  But that leaves me feeling grumpy about providing services and not getting paid for it. 

Feeling grumpy is not compatible with delivering good mental health treatment.  So, we set up to be a little more careful about "boundaries", including financial ones.  

Thirdly, because my accountant and my attorney charge that way and they're no dummies about business (like some doc's?). 

We'll see how this works.  Things will probably change somehow, and will be adjusted to fit circumstances, as best as we are able without interfering too much with your health care.