Julie Evans Bingham, Ph.D.



What Services are Offered Here?

In my practice I provide diagnostic assessment and ongoing treatment for children, adolescents and adults.  I emphasize the use of evidence-based practices within an empowering and collaborative framework.  I use cognitive-behavioral, behavioral, interpersonal, play-based and dynamic therapies.  My areas of particular expertise or interest are in treating anxiety and mood disorders in all ages, working with family/parenting issues, treating young children, assessing neurodevelopmental problems (e.g., Autism Spectrum), and working with school-related issues.  For instance, I plan to provide a parenting group in the near future for parents of 3 to 8 year olds, using the most research-based, efficacious program available.  My experience working as a School Psychologist is useful in helping families with school-related problems (e.g., special education eligibility and planning).  In addition, I have specialized training to perform neuropsychological and psychological testing with adults, adolescents and children.  Of course, I am also experienced in working with the common problems of oppositional and angry behaviors and ADHD.