Julie Evans Bingham, Ph.D.



Information for New Patients

If you feel comfortable with proceeding to schedule an appointment, then move on to the questions below to hopefully find the answers you need.  If you need more information to decide whether I am the right professional to meet your needs, then you can learn more about who I am and what services I provide.

Are you looking for a clinical evaluation and ongoing treatment?  I am currently accepting new patients for ongoing treatment.  See below for scheduling the initial appointment. 

Are you looking for a neuropsychological evaluation? I am currently accepting new patients for neuropsychological evaluation.  See below for scheduling the initial appointment.

Insurance issues: I see both patients who have insurance with which I contract, as well as those whose insurance is not one with which I contract or who are paying "out of pocket."  Both of these payment circumstances can work just fine, however, the initial scheduling is handled differently depending upon whether or not I contract with your insurance company.  I currently contract with Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS; Associated Administrators, ODS, OEA Choie, MVIPA, Lifewise, & Great West/Value Options.

If I contract with your insurer: You may go ahead and call me to schedule (503-584-9924).  Please have available when you call the member name, ID#, Group#, plan type (e.g., PPO), group name, and employer name.

If I do not contract with your insurer or you are "self-pay": You may go ahead and call me to schedule (503-584-9924).  I require that the full fee for each visit be paid at the beginning of each session, and there is a 10% discount off my fee.  You will be given a bill at then end of each month with information for you to provide to your insurance company to arrange for reimbursement.  Usually you will be reimbursed at about 40-70% of my fee; you may wish to check with your insurance on benefits and allowable rates. 

Money Matters: For more information on costs, charges, billing, etc., call my office (503-584-9924).  More information will be added to the website soon.

Scheduling the initial appointments:  I do a clinical evaluation in two or three sessions, this includes a psychiatric interview, psychiatric diagnosis, treatment planning and collaboration.  I try to schedule these sessions within the same week or two, and these are done usually in the mornings.  For ODS patients I schedule the initial session for 100 minutes, with a follow-up.  For others, I schedule two initial visits on different days set up within about a week (i.e. the first visit is 45 minutes and the second visit is 75 minutes). 

After you have scheduled: Steps to take prior to the first appointment.