Julie Evans Bingham, Ph.D.



Oregon Insurance Companies

The payment system for your appointments is important to consider, because the amount of out-of-pocket money you have to pay may vary widely from one provider to another, and from one service to another.  If you are interested in a neuropsychological evaluation, first make sure that your insurance covers that procedure (96117) or call me for information about the self-pay option.  If you are interested in a clinical diagnostic evaluation (90801) and ongoing treatment (90806, 90808), you first need to determine whether I am a provider for your insurance (just call your insurance company and ask).  The companies listed below are contracted with me (see below, or go to the full insurance company matrix for more information).  For all other insurance companies go to the insurance company information matrix.

Right, let's say you have one of the following:

That's good for you:  you'll pay a "co-pay" and I'll bill your insurance.  But, let's make sure they'll pay, all right?  To do that, you'll need to contact your "patient care representative" and confirm that:

  1. You have this insurance all right.
        (don't laugh, things happen that you wouldn't believe).

  2. Your policy covers mental health; and you still have some mental health benefit left. 
        (all providers use the same set of visits).

  3. You have a deductible?  how big?

  4. You are eligible to see Dr. Julie Bingham (they may have some reason why not).

Ask that they send you a confirmation of all this, and bring that to your visit.  Or they can fax it directly to me if you prefer (fax: 503-589-1313).