Julie Evans Bingham, Ph.D.



Contacting Dr. Julie

(503) 584-9924

See the emergency contact page if you need help right now.  

There are two main routes for contacting us.  Email is the preferred route, voice mail is an option, and pager is for emergencies.  This chart shows the "response times" you can usually expect for each.  Below the table are even more details. 

Time Period


When I will call back.


When I will write back.



When I will call back.


 9 am - 5 pm
Now, if I'm in the office and not with a patient; otherwise, within 24 hours Within 24 hours, though there are days internet access fails,  that will slow things down a bit Within two hours (see Emergencies)
Weekday Evenings (M-Th) Within 24 hours Within 24 hours, per above Within two hours (see Emergencies)
Weekends Monday Monday Within two hours (see Emergencies)

**(Try voicemail first; the message will tell you if I am out of pager range, and give instructions).

If I am out of town that will be reflected on my voicemail message, which you will need to check if you don't hear back on your email.  For more details on call coverage, see Call.  

Email (link to address)  ADD LINK TO ADDRESS

Email is far more efficient than voicemail ( but I do not have the email address set up, yet).  It allows 

It's always impressive how well folks can use my time in an email - contact system.  This is one of the main reasons for setting up a pay-for-what-you-use option.   

Before using email, please first make sure you're comfortable with the security/privacy status of email.  For details and address, see the Email page.  

Voicemail : 503-584-9924 (Dr. Julie)

You may also leave voicemail.  I may return your call on a cellular phone, so if you have concerns about security of your communication, you will need to ask that I only call back from a wired telephone (I may still access the message from a cellular phone, so just ask for a call back without leaving details, if you're concerned.  You can even use just your first name and last initial, if you wish). 

Pager : 503-945-9696 (Dr. Julie)

My pager is used only for emergencies, or for times when an emergent issue requires a return call sooner than one to two business days.  Read about emergencies.