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 REFERRAL INFORMATION: Drs. Julie & Rick Bingham

528 Cottage Street, NE, Suite 1D, Salem, OR, 97301

This referral information sheet first contains information which is common to both our practices, and then information which is unique to each of us.

 Procedure: Parent or adult patients must call our voice phone numbers themselves to arrange the initial appointment.  A primary care referral is not needed.  We direct the patient to call their insurance for authorization when required.  We welcome a brief message from referral staff.  A brief letter or voice mail from the physician, NP or PA is very helpful.  Relevant records are, of course, important for us to receive.

 Insurance: We each contract with a number of companies (see below).  We also see patients whose insurance is not one with which we have contracted, and this can work out fine with the patient paying at the time of service (with a discount), then submitting the bills and usually getting 40-70% reimbursement.  We are not currently Medicaid or OHP providers (although we both have experience working with economically disadvantaged families).

Location: We are two blocks east of downtown Salem in the historic Garfield School building on the corner of Marion and Cottage streets, with off-street parking.  Our website provides a map and directions.

 JULIE BINGHAM, PH.D.                                       Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Voice: 503-584-9924             Fax: 530-589-1313                 www.whatsupdoc.us

 As a licensed clinical psychologist who works with adults and has specialized training to work with children and their families, I provide clinical assessments, psychotherapy, and specialized psychological testing.  I work in a collaborative style and use evidence-based practices, as much as possible.  My areas of particular expertise or interest are in defining strengths and weaknesses through neuropsychological testing for kids with learning or developmental difficulties, treating anxiety and mood disorders in all ages, and assessing and treating young children.  I am also experienced in working with the common problems of oppositional/angry behavior and ADHD.

Insurance: I contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Value Options (includes Great West), ODS (includes OEA), Lifewise, MVIPA EBT. 

 RICHARD BINGHAM, M.D.      Board Certified as a Pediatric & General Psychiatrist

Voice: 503-584-9922             Fax: 530-584-0303                 www.whatsupdoc.us

 I am board certified in pediatric and general psychiatry.  I have particular expertise or interest in treating anxiety disorders in kids and adults, autism spectrum disorders and bipolar disorders in kids of all ages, and early intervention and prevention (e.g., treating infants and preschoolers).  I am very familiar with the treatment of ADHD and oppositional or conduct problems in childhood or adolescence.  I am also seeing a small number of adults (ages 20 to 40 something) with anxiety disorders only.  I do psychotherapy as well as assessment & diagnosis and medication treatment.  I end up seeing the most severe and complex disorders, but I also appreciate getting some referrals of problems that are not so severe and complicated to balance out my practice.

Insurance: I contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Value Options (includes Great West), ODS (includes OEA) Lifewise, MVIPA EBT, Healthnet (MHN), and Pacific Source through Reliant Behavioral Health.